A smaller version of the Michelson Found Animals Registry logo, in white. The registry is free to use and helps lost, microchipped animals to be identified and reunited with their owners.

Microchip Pet Registry | Michelson Found Animals Registry

The Found Animals Microchip Pet Registry is a nonprofit service founded by Dr. Gary Michelson which is dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families. Registration is free, with nearly $1.3 million dollars raised to-date to fund the registry.

The process is simple. First, you register your pet in the Found Animals Registry. If your pet is lost her microchip number is searched in the Found Animals Registry. Found Pet Alert® is then initiated and you receive information and updates via phone call, email, or text—eventually resulting in a reunion with your beloved pet. It is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted beneath your pet’s skin, between the shoulder blades and contains a number unique to your pet and is used as an identifier when scanned by a shelter or vet.

If you don’t know your pet’s number, head to your vet, a shelter, or a rescue and ask them to scan your pet with a universal scanner (make sure they use a universal scanner as not all scanners can pick up all chips). Write down the number and proceed to found.org.

Now that your pet is protected, make sure to spread the word to your pet-loving friends. The more people know how to properly utilize microchips, the fewer lost pets stay missing, and the quicker we can make the issue of homeless pets obsolete, like the Walkman.

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