The Found Animals Adopt & Shop logo, in white. Adopt & Shop is a brick and mortar operation by the Michelson Found Animals Foundation that finds forever homes for rescued animals.

Pet Store with Purpose | Michelson Found Animals Adopt & Shop

Founded by Dr. Gary Michelson, Adopt & Shop is a pet store with a mission - Saving Pets.

Adopt & Shop offers pet adoptions, pet supplies, grooming and dog daycare, all in one location. All of our pets come from local shelters and as a nonprofit, all of the profits go back into programs to save more pets. Our goal is to help reduce pets being euthanized in shelters, offering a way for customers to be a part of our mission. Join us in making a difference for pets and pet owners!

Animal shelters are busting at the seams with loveable new friends. Roughly 6-8 million animals enter animal shelters every year in the United States. Of these, only half will find new, forever homes. By adopting, you are helping animal care centers reduce the number of pets that are euthanized – about 3-4 million every year – and saving a life at the same time.

Many wonderful pets are available for adoption at your local animal care center. Municipal shelters and humane societies will have a wide selection of dogs from beagles to terriers to shepherds. You’ll also find calico or tabby cats or even a blue-eyed siamese. Many centers also have rabbits, hamsters, amphibians, horses, chickens and the occasional Lovebird.

Potential pet owners have many options when deciding where to obtain their next pet. That includes purchasing a pet from a pet store. While some pet stores feature pets from a local animal care center, many purchase their pets from puppy mills. A puppy mill is a commercial breeding kennel that houses several adult dogs for the purposes of producing litters of puppies for sale. Puppy mills have made national news over the last several years because of the less-than-adequate standard of care puppies and adults may receive while in a mill.

If you’re not ready to commit – we get it. Not all of us are ready for that kind of responsibility. Luckily, there’s a way you can save some pets even if you’ve got a lot going on, by fostering.

The Catty Wagon

The Michelson Found Animals Adopt & Shop Catty Wagon. The Catty Wagon is a traveling arm of the Michelson Found Animals Foundation and brings adoptable kittens and cats to the greater Los Angels Area.
The Catty Wagon brings adoptable kittens to you! As the first custom-built, mobile adoption vehicle created just for kittens, the Catty Wagon makes it possible for thousands of shelter kittens to find forever homes.

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